Warburton Lane housing development appeal updates

For all Warburton and Partington residents and others in surrounding areas it will be important to keep up to date with developments of the Redrow appeal.

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Warburton Lane housing development may be built on both sides: Image Google

The Warburton Lane housing development on the borders of Warburton and Partington will cause massive congestion on all roads, cause further issues with Partington’s already stretched medical services, and shops will struggle to meet demand.

We are not even just getting at Redrow here! what about all the other housing developments? some as we know have already been approved! so it must feel a bit unfair on Redrow in some ways.

At this time the housing development is passing through the normal way and expect a decision date to be made real soon, if it is approved then no one can do anything other than prepare for the inevitable.

Partington and indeed Warburton deserve better, we are incredibly concerned about road infrastructure and what all this means to people locally but also outside of the area, the huge traffic jams every day will back up in other areas for people trying to get to work or come back home.

It will be a nightmare even if the Redrow development ends up being abandoned, but it will save precious green belt, it will help Warburton keep all of its treasures and history, it will mean Warburton can breathe again, well until HS2 comes to town! and it will!

To keep up to date with the appeal click https://acp.planninginspectorate.gov.uk/ViewCase.aspx?caseid=3243720

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