COVID-19 deaths are mostly the result of blood clots in the lungs according to reports from medics in the US

COVID-19 deaths are mostly the result of blood clots in the lungs according to medics in the US and China.

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Doctors around the world are reporting a widespread blood issue in patients with the virus, autopsies have revealed that people that died from the virus had a mass of blood clots in the lungs when medics expected to see pneumonia.

So far as we can gather it is still unknown why people have blood issues because of the virus, for this time the science as the UK keeps calling it is not telling the full truth of this virus and why people are dying from it.

A Surgeon from the US claims 40% of his patients are developing this blood clot issue, even people without the virus are getting it! concerns also are growing with the number of pregnant women passing out after giving birth!

A Dutch study published 10 April in the journal Thrombosis Research provided more evidence the issue is widespread, finding 38 per cent of 184 covid-19 patients in an intensive care unit had blood that clotted abnormally.

Incredibly 70% of people who died from COVID-19 in China died because of small blood clots throughout their bloodstream.

When New York state released data about the top chronic health problems of those who died of COVID-19, asthma was not among them. Instead, they were almost all cardiovascular conditions.

This then raises questions about treatment, about the so-called science and this lockdown and the threat of more in the near future, if it is all cardiovascular then why are we so worried about distancing? all worried about catching a cold? this new evidence shows that we have all been misled, mainstream media scaring half of the nation that could have caused death due to stress to some already unwell people.

The medics are obviously confused but the data is telling them something is causing the clotting, so what could it be?

Of course Coronavirus is a bad cold, or flu and some people get the flu which may lead to severe symptoms that is life threatening, COVID-19 is throwing up new things, this is a new disease after all, it does though help with the attempts for a vaccine.

Medics will normally give blood thinning drugs, however they have to be wary of how much they give someone, and it has been noted that some patients did not respond to the blood thinning medication and still died from blood clots.


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