Problems expected did not happen with the reopening of a tip in Trafford

The Woodhouse Lane tip in Trafford was reopened today and it was expected to be very busy.


Woodhouse Lane tip: image Darren Marsden

We are told from around 8am until 9am things were fairly busy with two guys in yellow jackets marshalling motorists making sure Sinderland Lane was not blocked.

For the rest of the day only a few cars were seen.

The tip itself was taped off a little bit too much and many cones were seen, however when we got to the site only a few cars were around, the two guys who we think was employed by the tip messing around at the junction of Woodcote Road and Sinderland Lane seemingly bored to death and in no way was they showing any social distancing.

It is great though to see things returning to normal again however having a tip open should have been made an essential service from the start and lessons must be learnt if anymore pandemics come our way in the very distant future.

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