An application to install a 5G mast in Sale has been refused by Trafford Council

5G mast: Image Darren Marsden

The 20 metre phase 8 monopole 5G mast (EE/Three) that was due to go up on Coppice Avenue in Sale has been refused by the council.

Many people objected to this mast mostly due to where the mast was going to be, Councillor Chilton also objected and was probably the difference in this case.

Location of the mast on Coppice Avenue in Sale: Google

The council refused the application because of none compliance with the relevant elements of part 16, Class A of the town and county planning (General Permitted Development) (Order) 2015, it has not been demonstrated that all land owners have been notified of the proposed scheme.

It is also intrusive and would have a detrimental impact on the visual appearance and character of the street scene and surrounding area as such the proposed development would fail to comply with policy L7 of the Trafford Core Strategy and guidance in the NPPF.

Other reasons for refusal was the appearance and where it was located which the council said would be an obstruction.

Interesting though and with great sadness and frustration that the council has said that they are going with government guidelines that all masts can be approved so long as they go by ICNIRP guidelines which as many will know these guidelines are out of date and the people that write these guidelines for ICNIRP are actually on the board of major mobile phone networks!

It is though great news for those living on Coppice Avenue and all the businesses in the location that the council with the help of Councillor Chilton that this mast will no longer be installed in what we agree was a dreadful location.

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