Coronavirus: people died of cancer and other health issues because they did not get the treatment they needed

We have read stories about people with cancer passing away because they could not get the treatment needed to stay alive due to Coronavirus which we all know now is little more that mild flu.

It is heartbreaking to read the many very scared people of all age groups biting their nails and living life by the second and not by the day, we saw one 31-year-old woman ironically on BBC dying of cancer, her name was Kelly and she needed treatment for her cancer issues.

Kelly in her last days believes had she got the treatment she would have not been in the same position, she sadly died.

Others have also died waiting for urgent treatment but could not get it due to this Coronavirus which US president Donald Trump has called “99% harmless” it is factual also that our own scientists have said that it is no more than a cold or mild flu.

Because we know this is true now, why did the NHS stop treating these people? lets look at this a little deeper to get the right understanding, Coronavirus is not deadly, it won’t kill you and yes you can spread it to someone else as it is nothing but the common cold or mild flu, SARS-Cov-2 is what can kill people.

Make no question about this, if you get COVID-19 complications it can kill you no doubt, Coronavirus cannot! so all the NHS had to do if they were that worried was to just use masks and gloves and treat these people who were dying, not leave them with the idea “Oh they were dying anyway” everyone should be given the chance even at the last moments of life.

Miracles do happen, it is always worth giving that person one last chance,if it was no good at least the patient can die knowing everyone tried to help which in some small way must be comforting to know in the final moments.

The sad truth is many more people will die because of the hysteria even now we are starting to get back to normal people will still die, not just from cancer but other health issues and more probably will be given the “Died of Covid-19” stamp which we know has happened to inflate the death toll.

It is expected that the government are planning another lockdown, this time though people are more aware of the lies and will not respond in the same way, Boris Johnson is the biggest liar in political history and will continue to use deception on the public, our Trafford councillors and authority were like puppets in a sick play, ending peoples lives needlessly in the process…how can they sleep at night?

For those that genuinely died of Covid-19 #RIP and #RIP to all those that died not getting the treatment they needed this article is for all of you in the hope justice will be served one day on this most useless government.

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