UK mini-budget: Gifts galore as the government reduces VAT and offers discounts to kick start the economy

UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak

UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak offered lots of hope to the hospitality and tourism sector today 8 July 2020.

VAT will be reduced from 20% to 5% on 15 July 2020 and will last until 12 Jan 2021 this reduction means cafes, restaurant, cinemas, pubs, hotels, bed and breakfast, theme parks, zoos will all be much cheaper.

If that was not enough to get the economy going in this sector Sunak offered one more gift to the public with a half price offer for food and drink in every pub, cafe and restaurant in the UK for one month starting in August 2020

Business participating will have to apply for this 50% off scheme via a website where the difference will be given back to them within a week according to Sunak.

This is a nice surprise by the normally ruthless Tory government at ‘face value’ and hope that VAT cut will get the economy moving, of course what is really needed is to end the useless social distancing rules which has been proven by the World Health Organisation as not and never was needed.

Sunak also offered to help those unemployed to get back to work, help for housing and promised new roads and other infrastructure.

We await a response by Labour leader Keir Starmer and will update this article once it has been published.

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