Residents objecting to a stadium at Crossford Bridge playing fields now have bigger worries

Crossford Bridge in Sale site of a new 5G mast: Google

Whilst all the attention at Crossford Bridge playing fields in Sale is on the building of a new stadium residents actually missed something that slipped in undetected.

A new 20 metre 5G mast has been approved by Trafford Council to be installed next to the bus stop on A56.

We warned people about this mast, it will not only look out of place but will be seen everywhere in its locality, another Vodafone mast can be seen further down the road just before Dane Road, by comparison that mast is 13 metres high.

The latest ICNIRP guidelines say completely different things to what people may have read in the past, it is important for those at the council to read the new guidelines, it is much smaller so would suit the 5 minutes of time they have.

5G is not a safe technology, we are concerned about the exposure the kids will have when they are playing football, exposure adults will get, dogs and their owners, all the headaches people will get who live nearby.

Sadly it is too late now for this and all the other masts that have been approved including one very close to a children’s day care centre in Davyhulme! we can though object to any others including the Chapel Lane Partington 5G mast which has not yet been approved here: https://www.trafford.gov.uk/planning/planning-applications/comment-on-an-application.aspx

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