Trafford Council goes 5G mast crazy as every application bar one is approved

Trafford Council who once told us no 5G masts or antennas are to be installed anywhere in Trafford have approved every mast application bar one! in the past month.

A Three mast was to go up on Coppice Avenue in Sale in the most craziest of places to install a mega sized mast, loads of people objected and with the help of a political councillor won the day as the application was refused.

Every other 5G mast has been approved:

(1) Crossford Bridge Sale: near the bus stop.

(2) Opposite Stretford Tip on A56

(3) Barton Dock Road Stretford near Kellogs

(4) Barton Road Davyhulme near a day care nursery

(5) Flixton Road near to the sports ground

(7) Behind Circle Court flats Stretford

(8) Waterside close to Manchester United ground

The Partington 5G mast on Chapel Lane has not yet been approved so we ask you to object as soon as possible, get the councillors including Parish Councillors involved, help them to understand the ICNIRP guidelines possibly viewed are out of date as we have always said and new guidelines have since been issued.

Other masts may go up and we will track every one of them, you can join the Facebook group ‘Trafford residents against 5G’ for all the latest information and details of how to object.

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