UK MPs vote through dangerous Covert Human Intelligence Bill

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

As many of us are being further ‘Covid’ confused by thee worst government in modern history one thing that has seemingly slipped unnoticed was the third passing of the Covert Human Intelligence Bill.

This bill gives the power to secret services such as MI5 and police and other people to authorise crimes such as Torture,and Murder! and if the law is passed it would mean they are protected and would never have to face a jail sentence.

In the last vote MPs for the third reading voted for this bill which Amnesty International calls “Deeply dangerous”

Trafford Tory MP Graham Brady voted for the bill and the two Labour MPs Mike Kane and Kate Green along with all of the Labour Party did not even vote.

This is a troubling bill that could be abused, giving MI5 or the police the power to kill someone who is a terrorist with a gun or knife is one thing, torturing or murdering anyone they think is a terrorist or doing something they should not is another.

Kate Allen, Director of Amnesty International UK, said: “It’s hugely worrying that we’re a step closer to seeing this deeply dangerous bill become law. MPs are signing off on a licence for government agencies to authorise torture and murder.

“Giving such disturbing powers to bodies including MI5 and the police could have devastating impacts.

“We are now urging peers who care about the rule of law to introduce urgent amendments before the bill progresses further through Parliament.”

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