Coronavirus Crisis: Who is telling the truth?

Even the most brainwashed person will have to admit in one way or another that the Coronavirus stats are all over the place.

Here then is what Andy Burnham and Richard Leese said in a joint statement:

“Finally, we are disappointed that the Government has today sought to raise public concern about the NHS in Greater Manchester with selective statistics.

Greater Manchester’s ICU occupancy rate is not abnormal for this time of year and is comparable to the occupancy rate in October 2019. Also, providing information about individual hospitals does not reflect that our hospitals work as a system to manage demand.

“We are not complacent about the position in our hospitals and are monitoring the situation closely. But in the current situation, we believe it is essential that our residents are given clear, accurate information about the state of the NHS in Greater Manchester and that public fears are not raised unnecessarily.”

Boris Johnson and just about everyone else is telling us that the hospitals are filling up fast, Matt Hancock said last night “Greater Manchester’s hospitals are at levels not seen since June”

We remember clearly nurses and doctors dancing like they were auditioning for a talent show when the government were telling us every day that we face a grave situation!

Further on it was found that the Coronavirus test had been giving two positives per person and not one which gave a false figure during the full lockdown, this is very relevant since it helped to continue their fear narrative at that time, they did change these figures soon after although still was not right.

We ask is their actually a virus? sure! we do not deny this and if you catch this bug and you are aged 80 or over with a health problem then it is dangerous.

The statistics are dodgy at best, people should take these statistics with a pinch of salt.

We will keep a record of everything said by all politicians and so far the one above by Burnham and Leese is the best we have seen further proof that you cannot trust statistics during this crazy plandemic.

As we go into Tier 3 restrictions having looked at it many times it won’t change much, the reality is what pub do you know does not serve food? not many! so according to the rules they can stay open, restaurants and chip shops can stay open, all shops can stay open.

Everything will continue to be open, you can still travel by public transport, taxis can still operate, even gyms could be allowed to operate although even the government are confused on that one!

The changes on who and who you cannot have in your home cannot be enforced unless police suddenly recruit 10 million people.

The restrictions is to make things as hard as possible for people, the loss of a job and nothing to bounce back into is going to be hard, however never give up, despite what happened yesterday the government have since back tracked and has given Andy Burnham his £60m

People in the UK have only one thing left and that is to challenge the government in the courts and even then it may come to nothing, our basic human rights have been ignored, and more people will die because of Covid-19 than from it due to lockdown, this is unacceptable and must be challenged one way or another.

Do the right thing though, wash your hands or wear a mask if you have to, use some common sense and you will be alright, obey the law! keep on the right side and all will be fine.

Together we can make it through this most difficult time in our lives, people power is our weapon and we must stop talking and get on with the action like never before.


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