Norris Road Sale Moor#: Google

Three-UK has submitted an application 104610/TEL/21 hoping the council will approve a 5G mast right next to a children’s play area on Norris Road in Sale Moor

The mast will also affect local residents and Sale Moor Cricket Club.

Whilst many people including ourselves thing technology should get better and signals improve it should be done so with safety in mind, and no one not even ICNIRP themselves can show one shred of evidence its safe for humans, ICNIRP did not include our pets or wildlife in any guidelines.

Investigating this further ICNIRP (International Commision of Non-Ionising Radiation Protection) clearly states anything under 6GHz can penertrate the skin, it would be more than superficial, a 5G mast at this time is 3.8GHz a 4G mast 2.6 GHz.

4G works differently than 5G.

A child’s skin is very thin and as everyone knows bones and organs not yet formed, these beams of microwave radiation will go through them like butter, we read ICNIRP 2020 guidelines and it is saying if a woman is pregnant it will heat it up by 1c! we did not get any of this with 4G.

We did tests to see what the fuss was all about regarding speed and signal strength, 4G came out faster than 5G! it is only when the MMWave antennas come along the speed will increase and so will your conductivity!

Most 5G handsets in the UK come with no MMWave antennas so it will make no difference other than the price you pay! do not buy into 5G it is simply a rip off.

For the residents more so the children of Sale Moor and surrounding areas you are asked to object as soon as you can either through the portal or anonymously by emailing using 104610/TEL/21 in subject line.

You can also view the latest 5G and network information by following Facebook group ‘Trafford residents against 5g’ content is always updated and is all official infomation.