Warburtton Tall Bridge: Google

Warburton Toll Bridge is back in the news again this time Peel are proposing to charge £1 to cross it and people are very angry about the increase.

Residents and councillors were seen today protesting at the plans by Peel Holdings to charge £1 to cross over the bridge, at this time its just 12p to go over the bridge.


Councillors have asked that the charge be dropped completely and for Peel to handover the bridge to Warrington and Trafford Council.

Peel have come under great pressure to drop the unreasonable charges that they claim have not changed for a long time, however MP’s and councillors want Peel to hand the bridge over to the two councils in the public’s interest.

If Peel does raise the charges from 12p to £1 it would trigger a Parliamentary process in which both Warrington MP’s would oppose.

Warrington Council spokesperson said “We don’t want to take on Peel’s infrastructure assets, They are a large company and the council expects them to maintain their assets in order to benefit the public of Warrington.”

Peel already makes a massive profit from this bridge even at 12p as so many people use it, by upping it to £1 per crossing they could afford to build another bridge all gold lined!