Ex RAF hangars in Altrincham

Pic: Google

A former RAF (Royal Air Force) ammunitions hangars in Broadheath Altrincham has been used for a while now for storage could change hands from former owner Cartwright.

Cartwright ceased trading in 2020, when it was operational they used to store equipment in the hangars and when needed some of the equipment would be moved over to nearby Atlantic Street.


Looking at the history of the hangars we read they were for ammunitions for the RAF during the second world war, the hangars just off Dairyhouse Lane in Broadheath was attacked in the war, both survived in tact.

The hangars also were connected to the train yard where ammunition will have been taken to where it was needed, the depot was in behind the hangars nearer to Sinderland Lane, these lines did not connect to the train line that goes through Partington.

Today you can still see the hangars and it will be likely around them some traces of rail line could exist, similarly if you brought out a metal detector around the area and fields you may find some casings, however this is private land and at this time only one road can be seen.

A right of way though can be seen opposite Woodcote Road that goes through the fields which could get you nearer the hangers, and nearer (if anything still can be seen) train lines.

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