The ex Manchester United manager Louis Vaan Gaal has admitted he is suffering from prostate cancer on a Dutch programme yesterday.

Van Gaal aged 70 who is currently the Netherlands team manager kept it from his players during the recent international break.

He is due to bring his team to Doha for the World Cup 2022 in November.

Van Gaal spent two seasons at Manchester United and won the FA Cup in 2016, many fans thought he deserved another season, however United replaced the Dutchman with Jose Mourinho.

Manchester United tweeted:

It is not known at what stage Van Gaal is with his cancer, it is true some cancer of the prostate can grow so slow it does not affect the individual and will live a long life, however if it grows fast and spreads it will need treatment to stop it.

Early prostate cancer does not have any symptoms which is why all guys should get checked more so if you are over 50 and are having trouble passing urine, this might be nothing so do not worry however the advice is to test yourself which you learn about Here

Prostate Cancer UK is the website to go to if you are concerned or just wanting to raise money for the charity, it is very active and has many ways of raising money such as a cycle 100 miles month, and running events

(Picture of Louis van Gaal by Darren Marsden)