When we saw that Sinderland Lane was too close for a few days last week for resurfacing we were delighted as was just about every road user.

After the work had been done on Sinderland Lane we saw this!

We checked out the road yesterday and to see what improvements were made.

In our experience we saw one pothole filled approaching Whitehouse Lane, at Whitehouse Lane the surface got better, we could see around 40 metres of resurfacing was done.

After the resurfacing ended the road was not touched at all and all the dangerous parts more so for a cyclist remained, the straight line from a farm house up to the church was not touched which meant mega sized potholes, uneven surfaces remained, at the church heading north towards Partington the surface is really bad.

To close down Sinderland Lane for the distance work was supposed to have been done and for so long is regarded as a joke! we agree! this would have cost Trafford Council a lot of money, money they ‘Supposed’ not to have!

Although the part of the road fully resurfaced was welcomed as previously it was really bad for all road users, this is not a good job overall and many people will be not only disappointed in the tiny bit of work done but the cost of it.

The workmen doing the resurfacing will no doubt at some point will have to revisit Sinderland Lane as the road will continue to get worse in the areas they forgot to do this time around meaning more money for the council to spend.

Work on Sinderland Lane has not yet been fully completed though as a little bit more tarmac is needed to link the old surface to the new surface and some road marking.

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