A Partington takeaway has been given a zero food hygiene rating by Trafford environmental health inspectors on 4 March 2022.

Village Green Takeaway (The Green Chippy) on Hall Lane has already been given a zero (0) food hygiene rating score previously then managed to get to a 2 rating and now they are back to a zero.

According to another owner we spoke with having a zero score is serious and could be shut down until improvements are made, the individual told us also the takeaway will have to pay a higher insurance premium.

The Partington takeaway is fairly popular, many people go into the chippy and get a good level of customer service, it is surprising to us they have problems behind the scenes.

To get a score so low it will mean inspectors ‘may’ have found something really bad such as filthy wash basins, no water to clean hands, filthy knifes or other equipment, rotten food hanging around, mouse droppings, poor storage, Mould on food and more nasty surprises (we are not saying this chippy)

In some instances the council could take any establishment to court and ordered to shut down for good depending on the situation.

We have asked for the inspectors report from Trafford Environmental Services as to why the chippy have been given a zero rating and will publish what we know as soon as it’s to hand.